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Why do people love working with us?
Maybe it’s because we do home loans differently.

What makes Catalyst different from other mortgage lenders?

When we quote you a rate, we'll back it up in writing
Brandon Haefele
Gene Mitchell
Vice President of Operations
Craig Milton
Vice President of Sales

Let’s start with transparency. We tell you right up front how the mortgage business works – and why that information is important to you.

For example, did you know that most people actually qualify for lower mortgage rates than lenders offer them? That’s right. If you’ve been quoted a rate for a home purchase or refinance, you probably qualify for a lower rate! So why do lenders offer you a higher rate? Simple: to make extra profit.

We do things differently at Catalyst. We show you our wholesale rate sheet – what we pay for loans. Then we explain how loan pricing works, your options for rates and fees, and why one loan might be better for you than another. Whether it’s a refinance or a new home loan, at Catalyst you’ll get a low rate, low fees and no surprises.

You’ll also get something uncommon these days: real service.

We take your loan application over the phone or at our office, so you don’t have to fill out the paperwork yourself. And whenever you have a question, we’re here with the answers you need.

How can we offer such low rates?

First, we don’t have the overhead of large banks, so we don’t have to charge extra fees to cover big overhead expenses. Second, lenders can profit twice – once when they make your loan, and again when they sell it to a loan servicer. Other lenders will never tell you this. But we will.

Today’s Rates

3.125% to 3.625%

3.377% to 3.688% APR*

Why the rate range? Read up
on what affects your rate.

Rave Reviews

“Unbelievable! Who would have thought I could drop my rate 3 times in 2 years with zero fees? My job puts me in front of a lot of lenders....”


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* Rate & Annual Percentage Rate (APR) range are based on loan amount of 417,000, a FICO score of 690-740, single-family residence, owner-occupied, 75% loan to value, rate and term refinance